GMP Professional Certification

Register for CfPA's GMP Professional Certification
Register for CfPA's GMP Professional Certification
What Is a GMP Professional Certification and Why Do I Need It?

The GMP Professional Certification Program will provide the necessary orientation and understanding of the USA FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practice for pharmaceutical products.

The certification program will cover techniques and practices to ensure compliance with these regulations including manufacturing, packaging, holding, distribution and the laboratory. It will provide a practical application of the cGMP on the operating level.

Who Will Benefit from a GMP Professional Certification?

The Certified GMP Professional is an individual trained in the understanding and interpretation of the FD&C Act, the cGMPs, the FDA Guidance Documents, and FDA’s recent Observations issue in FD 483’s to Pharmaceutical firms.

Why become a Certified GMP Professional?

The GMP Professional Certification recognizes that you have completed and demonstrated proficiency in each of the the required series of online courses. The distinction of a GMP Professional can differentiate a candidate from others in their industry.

The Certified GMP Professional will be able to do the following:
  • Demonstrate a good working knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) for drugs and international standards and regulatory requirements – as applicable.
  • How to Earn Your GMP Professional Certification?
    Becoming a candidate is easy.

    Enroll: Register for the complete 10 course program. You will receive an email with instructions on accessing the courses.

    Learn: Attend each of the 10 courses and successfully pass the self-assessment with a score of 80% or higher.

    Earn: Once you have fulfilled all the program requirements, you will receive a certificate recognizing your achievement.

    Register for CfPA's GMP Professional Certification

    What courses are included in the GMP Professional Certification:
  • Scope of the FDA – History and FDA Regulations
  • 21 CFR 211 Subparts A & B: Quality and Personnel
  • 21 CFR 211 Subparts C & D: Facility and Equipment
  • 21 CFR 211 Subparts E & F: Control of Components and Production/Process Control
  • 21 CFR 211 Subparts G & H: Packaging, Labeling and Distribution
  • 21 CFR 211 Subparts I: Laboratory Controls
  • 21 CFR 211 Subparts J &K: Records and Salvaged Drug Product
  • FDA Quality Systems Guideline
  • cGMP Compliance and non-Compliance
  • cGMP Compliance - Process Validation

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