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Surfactants: A Greener and More Sustainable Approach

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Who Should Attend?
This two-day course is designed to answer the needs of professionals in the following industries: Cosmetics, Personal Care, Household Care, Pharmaceutical, Paints, Textiles, Oil Industry

It will be especially beneficial to: Entrepreneurs, Research and Development Scientists, Formulators, Marketing and Sales Executives, Legal/Regulators, Company Directors

Departments such as: Sales and Marketing Department, Research and Development, Manufacturing, Environmental, QA/QC, Regulatory and Operations will find the training very worthwhile.

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Course Description
Surfactants play a vital role in many aspects of modern life and are widely used. This 2-day accredited training course will describe the types of surfactants we use, how they are made and the environmental concerns over their use. It will discuss methods of making surfactants from natural products with a lower environmental impact. Unfortunately, a number of these “more environmentally acceptable” surfactants themselves have sustainability issues. The course will discuss the development of greener surfactants and what the future might hold.

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Attend this course and its Companion Course:
Detergents, Cleaning Products and their Sustainability
June 12-13, 2018 • New Brunswick, NJ • Course ID #2494

Course Director
Peter Smallwood Ph.D.; Director, Chemical Associates

Dr. Peter Smallwood is the Director of Chemical Associates, a UK based independent technical and training consultancy, serving the chemical, polymer and allied industries worldwide. His expertise in surface chemistry and surfactants has proved relevant to the manufacture of polymers and the formulation of cleaning and antibacterial products. Chemical Associates has become increasing involved with the detergents and cleaning ingredients industry. Dr. Smallwood has published a number of reviews of the current and future prospects for the industry, has presented papers at international conferences and is involved in the training of industry personnel.

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New Brunswick, NJ Area
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