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Atomization: Design, Selection, Maintenance and Performance: 6 Hour Online Course

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In-Person Course

Who Should Attend?
This intensive, 6 hour online course covers the atomization process in-depth. Professionals in the chemical, biotechnology, agricultural sprays, petrochemical, biochemical, food, pulp and paper, combustion, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and medical areas and other high tech industries are encouraged to attend. Those involved with drying and with spray-dependent processes, including chemical reactors, coatings, spray drying, powder metallurgy, evaporative cooling, specialty chemicals, combustion and medical sprays, will benefit. Engineers involved in specialty chemical manufacture, pilot plants, process and project design, waste processing and waste minimization should attend. The training will be especially valuable to:
  • Biotechnologists
  • Coating Engineers
  • Food Technologists
  • Combustion Engineers
  • Agricultural Engineers

Course Description
This intensive, accredited six-hour online training provides detailed information on atomization for engineers, scientists and technologists. Key areas covered include the various atomization methods, atomizer design, factors affecting operation, flow in atomizers, drop size, spray angle and other spray characteristics, atomizer performance criteria, atomizer maintenance and drop size distributions. Proper atomizer selection will be emphasized. Nozzles, rotary and two-fluid atomization will be covered.

The course is divided into four 90-minute presentations.

Course Director
Dr. Gary B. Tatterson; Professor, Chemical Engineering, North Carolina A&T State University

Dr. Gary Tatterson is a professor of Chemical Engineering at North Carolina A&T State University (NC A&T SU) where he teaches full time. Specializing in plant design and various unit operations, Dr. Tatterson has taught individual specialized courses in drying and has been teaching and consulting since 1972.

His scaleup and two plant design courses at NC A&T SU follow a philosophy of fundamental and practical understanding that is important to the proper operation of multiphase processes.

Gary Tatterson has written extensively in the area of multiphase processing and the application the theories of fluid and solid mechanics to such work. He has over 40 refereed publications and three texts. One text is on scaleup of processes in general.

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