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Suspensions and Emulsions in Pharmaceuticals and Food

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In-Person Course

Who Should Attend?
This program will benefit:
  • Scientists
  • Engineers
  • Managers
  • Technicians

Who work in the following areas:
  • Product Development
  • Process Development
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Pilot Plant Operation and Scale-Up
  • Research and Development
  • Regulatory Affairs/Quality Control
  • Technology Transfer

Course Description
This course is designed to provide a set of theoretical and practical tools for those interested in working with dispersed phases and predicting and understanding their sometimes complex behavior. The participant will learn to use the materials and processes needed to create dispersed-phase products, and to effectively solve problems arising during development. Troubleshooting existing commercial product problems will be emphasized as well. The theoretical underpinnings of emulsion and suspension behavior will be described to provide a backdrop for discussions of specific emulsifying and suspending systems. Current methods to analyze the behavior of dispersed phases will be described, as will methods to measure and predict stability of the products. Processing and scale-up issues specific to the type of equipment needed to create dispersed phases will also be discussed.

Course Director
Larry D. Ford, Ph.D., Director of Research and Development, Peak Foods

Dr. Larry Ford is currently working for Peak Foods as Director of Research and Development. For over 35 years, he has worked in basic research, product development, food ingredient development and technical management for Kraft Foods, Rembrandt Foods, Cargill and Peak Foods. His work experience has covered a broad range of food emulsion, suspension and foam-based products including pourable salad dressings, margarine and spreads, mayonnaise, ice cream, processed cheeses, cheese powders, dairy flavors, whipped toppings etc. He has spent considerable time studying oil/water interfaces in food systems in order to optimize the emulsification process, emulsion stability, and to enhance the interfacial properties of natural surfactants.

In 1982 Dr. Ford received his PhD degree in Physical Chemistry, specializing in Colloid and Surface Chemistry, from the University of Missouri at Rolla, Missouri.

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Course Director
Edgar N. Jaynes, Jr., Ph.D., CQE; Principal, Jaynes & Associates

Edgar N. Jaynes Jr., PhD, CQE is Principal, Jaynes & Associates, consulting to the pharmaceutical, food, and personal care industries. His former position was Associate Scientific Director, within the Pharmaceutical Development Service of Patheon in Cincinnati, OH. He and his group developed products using softgels, two-piece hardshell liquid fill capsules, and bottled product delivery technologies. Earlier, he was Technology Transfer Liaison, Technical Services, at Banner Inc., High Point, North Carolina, a developer and manufacturer of soft gelatin capsules and Soflet“ Gelcaps. In this position, he was responsible for transferring products from R&D to Operations, and for transferring external technologies into the Company. He held several positions at Banner in the areas of Business Development, Market Research, Quality Investigations, Competitive Intelligence, and Pharmaceutical Product Formulation. He has taken part in the development and commercialization of several prescription and OTC products. Dr. Jaynes held science and management positions in at Campbell Foods, Kraft Foods and General Foods as well as a position in personal care Product Development at SC Johnson, Inc. He earned a PhD in Synthetic Organic/Bio-Organic Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and a B.S. in Chemistry from West Virginia University. He is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Retired Reserves of the US Army Chemical Corps.

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