Course Description

Advanced Aqueous Film Coating

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In-Person Course

Who Should Attend?
This course is intended for professionals in the Pharmaceutical, Food and Dietary Supplement industries that require a complete and thorough knowledge of aqueous film coating. Participants are presumed to have some knowledge of basic film coating and want to gain additional knowledge to trouble shoot the aqueous coating process.

Those who have gained valuable information from this course include:
  • Technical Services Engineer/Managers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Solid Dosage Line Management
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialists

Course Description
This intensive one-day course covers advanced topics in aqueous film coating beginning with an analysis of a typical coating system, the critical operating parameters required for success and a thorough discussion on the common tablet defects and their root causes. Examples of topics presented are the effects of gun set up, pan pressure, inlet/outlet air temperature, spray rate, atomizing/pattern air and particle adhesion on pan surfaces, support system problems and their direct impact on tablet defects.

The course also includes many video examples of proper pan operation and highlights common problems in the pan.

Course Director
Fred A. Rowley; President and Chief Guest Lecturer, Solid Dosage Training, Inc.

Fred A. Rowley is an internationally recognized solid dosage expert and a pioneer in solid dosage training. He is also President and Chief Guest Lecturer for the highly respected Solid Dosage Training, Inc.

He has been Director, Manufacturing Technical Support, for Watson Laboratores, Plant Manager, Tablets and Capsules, Weider Nutrition International; Vice President, Operations, Arnet Pharmaceuticals, OROS Operations Manager, Alza Corporation and Bulk Solids Manager, Syntex FP, Puerto Rico. He received his B.S. Biochemistry degree from the University of Santo Tomas, Manila and studied for the M.S. degree in engineering at California Coast University. He was nominated for a doctorate degree, honoris causa, in 2006.

Mr. Rowley has written many technical articles in the fields of tablet granulation, compressing, coating and printing and currently serves on the editorial advisory boards of both Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Tablets and Capsules magazines. He guest lectures at both the university and professional industry levels in the United States, Europe and India in all areas of solid dosage manufacturing.

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