Course Description

Detergents, Cleaning Products and their Sustainability

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In-Person Course

Who Should Attend?
This course is intended for professionals in the cleaning products and related industries, but will be especially valuable for:

  • Professionals new to the industry
  • Ingredient suppliers wanting to learn more about their industry
  • SMEs considering entering the market with new products; entrepreneurs
     looking for opportunities
  • Commercial and marketing personnel, and managers needing to understand
     the technology behind their products
  • Product and Application Scientists
  • Academics wanting to understand how the industry works
  • Research scientists and engineers
  • Manufacturers of cleaning products
  • Users of cleaning products

Course Description
The 2-day intensive course assumes a basic scientific understanding. It will provide participants a broad, firm foundation to understand the technology of cleaning products. It is designed to encourage thinking and challenge concepts, by enabling students to return to their workplace with new ideas.

The course will provide a good grounding in all aspects of the technology. This training will include a review of the Global Cleaning Products Industry and discussions regarding the mechanisms of cleaning and detergency that will provide attendees a firm foundation for the remainder of the course. Lectures will include topics such as the ingredients in cleaning products: what they are, what they do, how they work and issues involved with their use. The composition (formulation) of major types of cleaning products such as laundry products, powder, liquid, tablets, fabric softeners dishwashing products, surface cleaners and personal care products such as soaps, shampoos, shower gels, etc (but not cosmetics) will be discussed.

Legislative aspects, environmental and sustainability issues, green (natural) ingredients and the future trends in cleaning products will also be addressed. The course will include opportunities for open interaction. Participants are encouraged to bring their questions to the course for review and discussion.

Course Director
Peter Smallwood Ph.D.; Director, Chemical Associates

Dr. Peter Smallwood is the Director of Chemical Associates, a UK based independent technical and training consultancy, serving the chemical, polymer and allied industries worldwide. His expertise in surface chemistry and surfactants has proved relevant to the manufacture of polymers and the formulation of cleaning and antibacterial products. Chemical Associates has become increasing involved with the detergents and cleaning ingredients industry. Dr. Smallwood has published a number of reviews of the current and future prospects for the industry, has presented papers at international conferences and is involved in the training of industry personnel.

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