Coating Pan Operator Certification

How Do You Certify a Coating Pan Operator and Why is It Needed?
CfPA and Solid Dosage Training, Inc. have jointly initiated an operator certification program taught by one of the universally recognized tablet coating experts in the world, Fred A. Rowley. This series of courses provides the participant with the theory, currently accepted practices, and machine parameters to become a fully qualified coating pan operator. Upon hiring, certified graduates of this course will be able to quickly assume the duties of a coating pan operator in the pharmaceutical or nutritional supplement industries after a minimum introduction and initiation to the individual coating department and the unique SOP’s and individual company policies that govern the manufacturing area.

The tablet coating operation is the victim of various myths, operating “hints” and misunderstandings that each year result in high yield losses, lower quality tablets and lost revenue and delays in product delivery. Even in countries that permit total rework of coated tablets, product losses and delivery delays result in revenue losses, lower customer satisfaction and loss of company reputation. This Certification Program is designed to train and qualify an individual that has been fully prepared to contribute to the bottom line on their first day of hire.

Who Will Benefit from the Coating Pan Operator Certification?
The Coating Pan Operator Certification will be valuable to all individuals seeking employment, currently working within, or supervising a tablet coating department. In addition, operator certification is valuable for R & D technicians, pilot pant personnel and validation engineers seeking a comprehensive understanding of what is required to aqueous film coat a quality pharmaceutical or nutritional supplement tablet.

Regulatory affairs personnel as well as individuals who are responsible for the review or audit of such laboratory data and reports should likewise consider the value of this comprehensive certification in their positions.

Many of the individual courses in the Certification program have also been beneficial to professionals in many supporting areas:

  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Quality Control
  • Technical Operations
  • Contract Manufacturing facilities
  • Who is a Certified Coating Pan Operator?
    The Certified Coating Pan Operator is an individual trained in correct theory and operator of an aqueous coating pan. Applying the correct coating theory, they exhibit the techniques, tools, and knowledge to achieve optimum product quality of aqueous coated tablets while maintaining maximum product yields.

    The Certified Coating Operator will be able to:

  • Set up and operate a coating pan.
  • Calibrate adjust the gun spraying system.
  • Detect and report support equipment problems that can affect tablet coating performance.
  • Train and mentor other operators in the correct operation of a coating pan.
  • Help Develop SOPs, batch records.
  • Participate in CAPA investigations.
  • Interact with R & D engineers, management and regulators during process scale up.
  • Guide corporate auditors during a department inspection.

    Benefits to the Candidate
    The Certified Coating Operator course consists of 8 intensive, 90-120 minute courses, for a total of 15 contact training hours. Candidates must complete and score at least 80% in the Learning Assessment* for each course. The combined Certification as a Coating Operator by both Solid Dosage Training, Inc. and the Center for Professional Advancement recognizes that the Candidate has completed and demonstrated proficiency in each of the required series of online courses, in terms of relevant education, the distinction of obtaining Certification places the operator as the top candidate for hire or promotion among other operators that have completed in-house training or attended brief seminars.
    *Learning Assessment is a means of testing that will be administered as part of each course. This resource will be used to verify that mastery of the subject has been achieved.

    Employer Referral and Reference
    All Certified Professionals are recorded in the Solid Dosage Training. Inc. INTERNATIONAL REGISTRY. Employers seeking qualified employees in their respective countries merely contact SDT or the CfPA to determine potential employee availability. Graduates are free to have prospective employers contact SDT of the CfPA for a reference.

    How To Become A Certified Coating Operator
    Becoming a Candidate for a CfPA Online Certification is easy. There are no additional fees beyond the standard course tuition.

    Simply sign up for one at a time or all the complete certification program Pre-enrollment savings when you enroll in the entire 8 course program.

    Courses included in the certification:

  • Introduction to the Table Coating Room
  • Solution/Suspension Preparation and Holding Practices
  • How the Tablet Film Coating Process Works
  • Spray Guns: Anatomy, Assembly and Check Out
  • Setting Up and Cleaning the Film Coating Machinery
  • The Ten Critical Operating Parameters in Aqueous Film Coating
  • Common Coating Defects Encountered in the Aqueous Film Coating Process
  • Real World Coating Problems from The Production Floor

  • These courses are available from time to time in live format and are subsequently available on demand for your convenience. Check the CfPA website for the next live presentation or register at any time for the on demand course.

    Courses within this or any CfPA Certification Program may be taken individually for further career advancement