Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Certification through the SME® is an industry standard for professional recognition and documentation of manufacturing-related knowledge, skills and capabilities.

SME® Certification offers four certifications:
• CMfgT – Certified Manufacturing Technologist
Recognizes competence in the fundamentals of manufacturing
• CMfgE – Certified Manufacturing Engineer
Recognizes a more comprehensive knowledge of manufacturing processes and practices
• CEM – Certified Engineering Manager
Recognizes leadership of technical activities
• CEI – Certified Enterprise Integrator
Recognizes leadership of cross-functional initatives

Beyond personal achievement, candidates will gain a competitive edge over those who are not certified, acquire professional recognition for their desire, commitment and leadership ability, and improve their skills through participation in continuing education programs.

Certification requires a comprehensive exam, a certain level of education and/or experience, as well as periodic continuing education programs that ensure the advancement of manufacturing expertise. Certification should not be confused with professional licensure, which confers a legal license to practice engineering.

SME® certification provides continuous learning opportunities CEM or CEI certification grants advance placement for select courses at Walsh College, located in metro Detroit, Michigan.

Walsh College Degree Programs eligible for advance placement:
• Master of Science in Managing
• Manufacturing Operations (MMO)
• Master of Science in Management (MSM)

Two leading professional societies collaborate Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)® and the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) have joined forces to offer Certified Engineering Manager (CEM) and Certified Enterprise Integrator (CEI) certification. This collaboration combines the prestige of SME® certification with IIE – a leader in engineering management and systems integration.

SME® will continue to administer the exams and IIE will provide necessary training for the preparation of the exams. Certificates awarded to successful examinees will have the logos and seals of both societies.

For more information, please contact:
SME Certification
Tel: 313.271.1500; Toll Free: 800.733.4763