International Leader in Accredited Technical Training Since 1967

The Center for Professional Advancement (CfPA) is dedicated to providing accredited technical training and continuing education throughout the world. We are one of the largest non-degree awarding organizations offering professional level accredited training courses in a variety of formats including in person, customized client site, and interactive online.

Since our founding in 1967, we have successfully trained nearly 500,000 professionals from small and large companies, government and academia. Our prominent reputation has earned us high recognition by thousands of companies who consider us to be an integral part of their technical training programs.

Why Choose CfPA?

Our extensive curriculum of technical training courses - which includes over 450 courses in 15 applied industrial technologies - cover every aspect from planning and design, research and manufacturing to maintenance and management…and beyond. These technical courses, not only cover basic concepts but "how to" apply these concepts, as well as the new advances, cutting-edge technology and current regulations.

After participation in a CfPA technical training course - whether through an in person training course, an customized client site course or an online technical training course - participants have reported they not only have expanded their expertise in their present positions, but were also able to assume new and greater responsibilities.

CfPA knows that the reputation and success of our technical training courses rests upon the quality of our subject matter experts. Our Course Directors and faculty are carefully selected for their expertise in specific technical fields, for their current practical knowledge and for their didactic ability.

Because of our international recognition, CfPA is able to draw upon the very cream of world-renowned professionals from industry, government, academia and consulting organizations to instruct our technical #courses.

We at CfPA realize the growing demand and need of continuing technical education at all levels. Proper technical training - whether public, onsite or online - has proven to dramatically increase the efficiency and productivity of a company, as well as provide personnel with better skills and an incentive that motivates innovative thinking and leadership.

CfPA is pleased to offer our accredited training in three flexible formats—in person, client site and online.

In Person Training
CfPA’s 1-5 day short course technical training format provides for maximum learning and interactivity. Away from day-to-day responsibilities, participants are immersed without distraction. Our smaller class size, typically under 20, sets an atmosphere that encourages interaction between participants and instructors through questions, workshops and case studies.

Client Site Training
Offered at your location and at your convenience, CfPA’s Client-Site Division will bring any of CfPA's 450 public courses to your team for customized onsite technical training, or we can work with you to develop a program to address the issues most critical to you.

Online Training
CfPA's Online and Webinar program is a perfect complement to our in person and Client-Site programs. Exxperience the ability to supplement your technical training needs or expand on your knowledge in areas critical to your job function.


Corporate Sponsorships
Through a sponsorship of a 2-3 day CfPA course you are positioning your company as an industry thought leader. Our programs can be been designed to assist with meeting your sales and marketing goals, while fitting in your budget.

Benefits: Strengthen your company image, reinforce brand association between your company and your customers, and demonstrate your company's commitment to the continual need for technical training and continuing education within your industry. For more information email

Webinar Sponsorships
Leverage CfPA’s worldwide reputation for presenting high quality training content which is developed and presented by leading subject matter experts and reach potential customers through sponsoring a targeted interactive webinar. Contact for more information.

The Language Center (TLC)
TLC is a division of CfPA and provides language translation and interpreting services to help companies successfully tap into and navigate Global Markets. They offer Language Translation, Web Localization, Interpreting, DTP/Printing, Transcription, Voiceover and Subtitling services in numerous languages. To learn more about The Language Center, visit them at