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Biotechnology Training

Biotechnology training is needed to fill the void between the curriculum of a theoretical education and the practical demands of - depending on your specialty - R&D, validation, regulations, processing, or manufacturing in the biotechnology field.  Furthermore, proper biotechnology training is essential due to the complexity and inherent uncertainty of using living organisms as production systems to manufacture complex, biologically active proteins.

As the leader in continuing education and accredited technical training, The Center for Professional Advancement (CfPA) offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date selection of biotechnology courses. Our biotechnology training courses - including 90 minute online courses - include discussions, case studies, and group exercises and are taught by top industry leaders who share their knowledge in an enthusiastic, interactive manner. 

Here is just a sampling of CfPA biotechnology courses which focus on technologies, applications and processes used in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and allied industries, these include both our online and in person courses:

The following select CfPA biotechnology courses focus on regulations and/or validation for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and allied industries:

Browse the Biotechnology Courses including Biotechnology Online Courses listed below. CfPA can also bring any Biotechnology Course to your location. Please click here for more information about our
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Course TitleScheduled
A Risk Based Approach to Computer Systems Validation
Achieving Quality Assurance and Control in a Globalizing Industry
An Introduction to Detergents and Cleaning Products and Their Sustainability
An Introduction to Orphan Drug Submissions and Application
Analytical and Product Target Profiles in QbD
Annual Product Reviews for the Pharmaceutical and Related Industries
Assuring Quality of Supplies to Pharmaceutical and Related Industries 
Audit and Review Essentials for Bio/pharmaceutical Stability Programs
Auditing and Inspecting Preclinical Research for GLP Compliance 
Auditing for GMP Compliance 
Basic Requirement of the Bacterial Endotoxin Testing (BET) or LAL Program
Batch Records: Simplified and Clarified
Best Practices in Being “On-Call” for FDA Submission Audits
Best Practices in SAS Statistical Programming for Regulatory Submission 
Biopharmaceutical Process Systems 
Biosafety of Biological Drug Products 
Biostatistics for the Non-Statistician - Beyond the Basics 
Building the eCTD for FDA Submission 
CAPA: A Critical Quality System Requirement
cGMP and Quality Issues for Biopharmaceuticals 
CGMPs for Pharmaceutical Life Cycle Management
Characterization of Proteins for Development and Approval of Protein Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines 
Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers: Fundamentals
Clean Room Technology Basics in a Nutshell
Cleanroom Microbiology for Non-Microbiologists
Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) 101: Part 1
Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) 101: Part 2
Cloud Computing in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Paradigm Shift in Project Management, Analysis and Validation
CMC Simulation: A Hands-on Approach to Global Marketing Applications
Combination Product Development: Safety/Registration/Approval 
Combination Products: How to Approach the Manufacturing and Distribution Regulations
Commissioning, Qualification and Validation 
Compare and Conquer SAS Programming Techniques for FDA Submissions
Control of Microbial Contamination in Manufacture of Sterile and Non-Sterile Products
Crackdown on Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) 
CSOs: Are They Right for You? 
Current Applications and Future Potential of Biofuels  
Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) for Purchasing 
Current Good Tissue Practices (cGTPs) 
Current Industry Trends and Rethinking on QbD
Current Issues in Medicine, Biotech and Pharma Conference
Data Integrity Essentials
Designing the "State of the Art" Laboratory 
Developability Assessment 
Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology 
Do Nano-particles Penetrate the Skin?
Downstream Processing in Biotechnology 
Early Stage Clinical Studies for Drugs and Devices 
Effective QbD (Quality by Design): A Second Generation Approach 
Effective Tools in Selecting a CRO 
Endotoxin Testing: Drugs, Medical Devices and Biopharmaceuticals 
Ensuring Your Supply Chain through Supplier Qualification
Environmental Monitoring for Non-Sterile Drugs
Equipment Qualification 1.0
Essentials of Innovative Thinking
FDA Briefing–October 2011 
Filing a 505(b)(2) Application
Four Key Elements for Effective cGMP Compliance
Fundamentals of Biochemistry: Background for Biotechnology 
Fundamentals of Biotechnology 
Fundamentals of Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering 
Fundamentals of Nanotechnology 
Global QA/QC for Biopharmaceuticals, Vaccines and Other Biologics 
GLP and Quality Assurance: Developing a GLP Compliant QA Program
GLP Study Director
Good Clinical Practices (GCP) 
Good Distribution Practices 
Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)
History, Theory, and Instrumentation of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Human Error Reduction
Implementing GEP (Good Engineering Practices) in the Pharmaceutical, Bio-Pharmaceutical, and Medical Device Industries
Improving Drug Delivery Through the Use of Polymers 
Industrial Application of Optimization
Industrial Membrane Separations 
Industrial Mixing and Multiphase Processing Basics 
Intellectual Property Law Basics: for Managers, Engineers and Scientists
International Patent Law 
Introduction to Drug Delivery Technology 
Investigation of Microbial Contamination in Sterile and Non-Sterile Products
Laboratory Control Basics
Laboratory Controls: Anticipate the FDA Inspection
Lyophilization Technology
Marketing Pharmaceuticals: Labeling and Advertising Law Essentials  
Measurement Uncertainty in Analytical Chemistry 
Microbiological Control and Validation 
Microbiological Rapid Detection Methods
Microbiology for the Non-Microbiologist
Mixing of Liquids and Complex Materials 
Monitoring of Clinical Drug Studies 
Non-Clinical Drug Safety Evaluation and Drug Development 
Operation of the Clean Room
Orphan Drug Application and Submission 
OTC Stability Program for FDA Compliance
Out-of-Specification (OOS) Result Investigation
Outsourcing Clinical Development 
Outsourcing Pharmaceutical Operations
PAT-Based Downstream Protein Purification 
Patent Law 
Pharma: Concept To Consumer 
Pharmaceutical Gas Systems  
Pharmaceutical Gas Systems Requirements
Pharmaceutical Technology Transfer
Pharmaceutical Water and the International Regulatory Environment
Pharmaceutical Water Basics
Pharmaceutical Water Systems 
Pharmaceutical Water: Chemistry, System Design and Validation
Pharmacokinetics—ADME Fundamentals 
Practical Biostatistics for the Non-Statistician - The Basics 
Principles of Contemporary Immunology 
Protein Characterization Essentials
QbD Beyond Concepts: A Practical Implementation Plan
QRM Applications for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities
Qualification and Validation of Analytical Methods for Protein Products 
Qualification/Validation for Bacterial Endotoxin Testing (BET)
Real World Approaches to PAT and QbD Implementation 
Risk Management in a Nutshell 
Risk-Based Training: An Introduction
Risk-Based Training: System Design and Implementation 
Role of PAT and QbD in Biologic Drug Production 
Role of Pharmaceutical QA/QC in Quality Systems 
Root Cause Investigation for CAPA
Safety Assessment for Medical Devices and Combination Products  
Selecting and Managing CROs 
Selecting Suppliers in FDA Regulated Industries
Setting up and Implementing Vendor and Supplier Audits
Skin Aging Basics
Skin Barriers, Penetration and Compound Interaction
Skin Biochemistry Basics (First in a 3-Part Series)
Skin Biochemistry Basics (Second in a 3-Part Series)
Skin Biochemistry Basics (Third in a 3-Part Series)
Stability Testing for Protein Drug Products & Substances 
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and Standard Test Method (STM) Requirements
Statistical Process Control for PAT 
Strategies in Human Error Reduction 
Supplier Audits
Surviving an FDA Inspection -- FDA Inspections of Non-U.S. Sites 
The Nuts and Bolts of U.S. Drug Labeling Requirements
The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain: Good Distribution Practices 
The QbD Toolbox: Resources That Help New QbD Programs
The Validation of Computer Systems and 21 CFR Part 11 
Transdermal Drug Delivery 
Using ICH Guidelines to Re-enforce Your GMP Compliance 
Using the Lab Information Management System (LIMS) in a Stability Testing Program
Validation of Manufacturing and Distribution Computer Systems 
Vendor and Contract Supplier Qualification 
When, How and Why to File a Drug Master File (DMF)
Writing and Implementing Clinical Protocols  

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