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Nature’s Own Surfactants - The Sophorolipids: FREE WEBINAR

March 14, 2018 at 11:00 a.m.–11:15 a.m. (ET)
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Who Should Attend?
This informational webinar is designed to answer the needs of professionals in the following industries: Cosmetics, Personal Care, Household Care, Pharmaceutical, Paints, Textiles and the Oil Industry.

It will be especially beneficial to: Entrepreneurs, Research and Development Scientists, Formulators, Marketing and Sales Executives, Legal/Regulators and Company Directors.

In Departments such as: Sales and Marketing Department, Research and Development, Manufacturing, Environmental, QA/QC, Regulatory and Operations will find the training very worthwhile.

Course Description
This informational webinar discusses the importance of surfactants and how to meet consumers’ demand to use natural, rather than synthetically produced ingredients, in their personal care and household products. It discusses the extensive distribution of surfactants in living organisms.  It focuses in on an extracellular surfactant produced by a yeast. The surfactant is produced industrially by fermentation. The course then candidly discusses the practical difficulties that need to be overcome with this approach.  Finally, the course will review the applications in which the surfactant is being used.

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For complete coverage of this subject check our website for:
Surfactants: A Greener and More Sustainable Approach
June 14-15, 2018 | New Brunswick, NJ | Attend In Person or Virtually

Course Director
Peter Smallwood Ph.D.; Director, Chemical Associates

Dr. Peter Smallwood is the Director of Chemical Associates, a UK based independent technical and training consultancy, serving the chemical, polymer and allied industries worldwide. His expertise in surface chemistry and surfactants has proved relevant to the manufacture of polymers and the formulation of cleaning and antibacterial products. Chemical Associates has become increasing involved with the detergents and cleaning ingredients industry. Dr. Smallwood has published a number of reviews of the current and future prospects for the industry, has presented papers at international conferences and is involved in the training of industry personnel.

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