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Crystallization Paired with Filtration: FREE WEBINAR

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This instructional webinar is designed for professionals working in life science, pharmaceutical, and specialty chemical organizations, including process and project engineers, engineers developing new products and processes, and those managing these functions.

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Since we should never lose our safety awareness, the webinar starts with eleven safety principles. The primary topic is batch vacuum crystallization paired with batch filtration, a set of unit operations typically found in life science, pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals. These unit operations often are considered very complicated and require months to get data and design. This short webinar defines how to develop these conceptually so a first estimate can be done.

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Challenges of Process Engineering in Life Sciences
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Course Director
John Super, President and Principal Consultant, Cobroko Solutions

John Super has been President and Principal Consultant of Cobroko Solutions since 2014. As a consultant, Mr. Super identifies, recommends among alternatives and assists to commercialize (scale up) new processes and products, among many other contributions for his clients. He often practices the discipline of process engineering as described in this course, and has first-hand experience working as a process engineer in plants and lead groups practicing process engineering.

In 2014 he was elected as AIChE Fellow, recognizing his many professional accomplishments and contributions to the profession. He was a DuPont Engineering Fellow capping a 28 year career with DuPont in various roles. As a practicing engineer throughout John’s career he has used and improved the methods of process engineering as taught in this course.

Since DuPont Mr Super was in senior leadership positions as VP of technology, process development, business development, and catalysis in emerging companies or Mid Cap ones and also KBR Technology Center Director for four years.

Mr. Super graduated from Lafayette College with BSChE and from University of Pennsylvania with MSChE (Chemical and Biochemical). He is a Professional Engineer licensed in NJ, DE and TX.