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Starch: Chemistry, Properties and Applications
June 17-18, 2014
New Brunswick, NJ

Who Should Attend
The course is designed for personnel who require a fundamental and practical knowledge of one of the key ingredients in foods. It will aim to better prepare individuals to utilize the technology to carry out their management tasks, and in their present and future project and product developments.

Although primarily directed to the food industry, those in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, flavor and fragrance industries will also benefit, including those involved in:

  • Marketing
  • Technical Management
  • Product Development
  • R & D Laboratories
  • Technical Service
  • Quality Assurance
  • Sales Personnel

This course covers the fundamental structure, chemistry, functional properties of starches and their utilization in food applications. The course also reviews the various types of starches and factors that should be considered when choosing and using starches. The application of starches in many food systems is presented in depth. There will be a demonstration of food starches. The most current starches and new market opportunities will be presented. Question and answer panels will address participant needs.

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