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Agglomeration II: Tumble Agglomeration Basics (Second in a two-part series)
Pre-recorded Course

Who Should Attend
This training is intended for professionals in fields such as pharmaceuticals, specialty chemical processing, mineral operations, food processing, animal feeds, fertilizers, candies, cement and biochemical.

Engineers and scientists who are employed in these industries and who are involved with agglomeration would benefit from this course. The novice will be quickly brought "up to speed" and the expert will be exposed to a detailed review of the subjects.

Engineers involved with solids, solids processing, fines processing, solid waste stream manufacturing, mining, ore production, specialty chemical manufacturing, reactor & pilot plants process, project design and waste processing and waste minimization should attend. Engineers involved with plant operations and maintenance will also benefit.

Typical job titles of those who should attend include: Process chemist, Agricultural engineer, Project engineer, Food technologist, Process engineer, Manufacturing engineer, Mechanical engineer, Maintenance engineer, Mining engineer, Chemical engineer and Research engineer.

A clear overview of the principles of tumble and mixing agglomeration is given. This 90-minute accredited training course is the second of a series of courses on agglomeration. This course offers a clear overview of the principles of Tumble Agglomeration, Mixing Agglomeration and includes discussions on Binders and Screening. For maximum training benefit, the course director recommends attendance at the first course of this series, Agglomeration I: A Practical Approach to Particle Size Enlargement.

Module 1: Tumble Agglomeration
  • Steps in tumble agglomeration
  • Different growth mechanisms
  • Curing step
  • Dense phase balling
  • Drum operations
  • Particle size distributions
  • Drum circuit
  • Pan or Disc Operations
  • Layering
  • Capacity
  • Disc data

Module 2: Mixing Agglomeration
  • Batch/continuous
  • Agglomeration mixers
  • Number of revolutions
  • Suspended solids
  • Fluidized beds
  • Spouted beds

Module 3: Binders and Screening
  • Binder types
  • Binder names
  • Applications
  • Reinforcing binders
  • Screen types
  • Sieves
  • Screen operation
  • Heated screens
  • Cut
  • Capacity

Question and Answer Session

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